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Things that you have never been told before

Your beliefs are unconscious

Limiting beliefs are the things that are keeping you from achieving your success and living your dreams. In order to change your beliefs, you need to know what is beliefs and where do they come from.

A belief is rule of life you have created for yourself after perceiving some evidence. It’s created by nobody else than you and you have created these beliefs for a specific reason……to give you a sense of security.

It is very important to remember that you have created these beliefs out of a certain perception you have about something. You are very certain about your perception.

Let me use an example – you believe in gravity here on earth.

You are pretty sure that if you jump off a building that you will not fly away. You’ll be pulled back to earth, because of the gravity of the earth. Well, that is a belief.

Is it a good belief?

Yes. It will prevent you from jumping off of high things!

It is now a rule of life for you and you are pretty sure about it. You accept it and your mind goes on with other stuff. You don’t have to think about the belief again. You never question your beliefs, because you think they are true.

The time has come to start questioning your beliefs. Once you can proof to yourself that a certain belief is not true, your subconscious will immediately get rid of that belief.

The only reason people think that change is difficult, is because they have a belief that to change is difficult. It is possible to clear limiting beliefs in minutes.

Not all beliefs need to be changes. You only want to change the limiting beliefs. The good beliefs must stay and you don’t need to spend time identifying them, because you don’t want to change them.  What you want is to identify those beliefs that are not so good for you, those limiting beliefs that is preventing you from achieving big successes in your life.

The thing about beliefs is that most of them are hidden in your subconscious mind and you are not aware of them. You can take the one self-development course after another and still get no lasting results, simple because of those hidden beliefs.



Where did the beliefs come from ?

When you were born your life started off as a clean slate. Almost like a new computer. All the programmes were installed, but you haven’t used it yet.

As you grow older you are having experiences. You touch a hot stove and you burn. Immediately you learn that it is not OK to touch a hot stove. A belief is formed and stored in your subconscious mind. This has the benefit that you don’t have to think of it again. Your subconscious will make sure that you’ll never touch another hot stove again – that is intentionally, by the way  -accidents can still happen.

You can also learn by what happens to other people. Perhaps it was your sister who sat on the hot stove. This, however, is more applicable as you are getting older. When you are still young, you tend to be the one who made the mistakes.

The next source of beliefs is what you are being taught. Your parents will do the most of the teaching. As I said earlier on, by means of instruction or by means of their behaviour. When you are young, the world seems so dominating and you tend to belief anybody. Teachers and friends also play an important role in this education.

In the modern age, kids seem to be born with cell phones and laptops in the hand. Children these days have a lot more access to everyday news and it is creating a lot of early beliefs in them. The TV set has become the new baby sitter and parents should monitor what they are watching.

Why are all of these beliefs created ?

The subconscious mind already has a lot to do, like remembering all your life experiences and keeping you alive by letting your vital organs function perfectly. It needs some back up to help it.

Remember, the subconscious is powerful, but it doesn’t have any life experience. It totally beliefs the inputs of your conscious mind.

The priority of the subconscious mind is to keep you alive.

That is the reason why beliefs are formed.

The beliefs are certainties that the subconscious can use to help it to keep you alive.

You, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind believe these beliefs to be true.

Because you belief it to be true, you never question it again.

You forget about it. It has now formed a structure of do’s and don’ts in.

Please remember, the beliefs you created were created by your PERCEPTION.

This means that not all those beliefs you formed is necessarily true.

YOUR OPINION of something created it.

We all experience life differently and therefore our opinions of things are different. If you ask a few eyewitnesses to an accident what had happened, you will probably get different stories from all of them.

This brings me the one of the most important things you must remember:

Nothing in this world has any meaning except the meaning that you give to it.

Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?

I am amazed how God must feel right now, when everybody is blaming Him for something He didn’t do !!

I believe that God is a loving God and He will not send bad things on your road. He loves you unconditionally and wants only the best for you.

A lot of churches is of the opinion that God let bad things happen, in order to get you back on the right road/ways. That is not true. If you are a parent, will you hurt your child to help him learn something? No ! Why then will God do it ?

Do you blame the sun if you get a sun burn ? No !! You are the one who is responsible for getting the sun burn in the fist place. The same with God.

We are quick to blame God for everything.

He gave us free will and we need to deal with that as we requested.

All of this can be easily expained:

Everything is energy (Please consult – Quantum physics & Einstein). The beliefs in your subconscious mind are also energy. Every person has actually a level of energy vibration he/she has every moment of the day. Your limiting beliefs also influences that energy.

Your dominant energy vibration determines what you attract in life. If you are poor, it is a result of your energy vibration. Perhaps you grew up with certain limiting beliefs. A lack of money is usually a sign of an energy blockage.

Life is actually a reflection of your beliefs. The world around you and your experience is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. If bad things happen in you life, you have UNCONSCIOUSLY attracted it with your dominant energy vibration. (Nobody attracts these things to themselves CONSCIOUSLY!)

I agree that sometimes certain information is written in the book of life. Your soul agreed before your life on earth on certain terms in order to have a certain experience. These types of things you cannot change. If you have a deadly disease that cannot be cured, it may just be that it was decided before your life. The great thing is that everything is happening in perfect order (even if it doesn’t seem so!).

In general however, you have the control over your life. You have free will. You are not a victim. Go out and enjoy life….every second of it!

…and never blame God again…..