I’m a lawyer, senior lecturer, international speaker and author.

After studying law for many years and obtaining all the qualifications that were on offer, I realized that something was still missing in my life.The law tries to solve problems, but I was more interested in ways to prevent the problems from starting in the first place.

I started to study universal laws, like the law of attraction. Spending a lot of money and time reading books, I realised that most authors just keep on repeating the same information over and over. They make promises that they cannot keep. I have spend hundreds of hours in front of the internet, purchased a lot of books and was still struggling to get the amazing results everybody was talking about.

My interest shifted to the human potential and the subconscious mind. I knew something was blocking my progress. Surely there is an easier way to achieve amazing results ! After doing years of research I started a Talk Show on World Talk Radio. The Show was obviously called Subconscious Beliefs. I interviewed a lot of experts and psychics and they confirmed my research results. Realizing the human potential I decided to start this website and let the world know about it.

My purpose in life is to write ebooks people can easily understand and apply.
I sincerely want to help every person who takes the time to join this website.

I don’t make promises, because you can see the amazing results for yourself!
Become part of our community and be enlightened.

Yours truly

Dr.Hein Lambrechts
Advocate of the High Court
B.Iuris,  LL.B,  LL.M,  LL.D