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  1. Dag se vriend shoe jy is op die ball met die sites hoor.
    wil jy nie weer net op die site in gaan waar jy my my profile gedoen het net eer die bedrag in sit nie dit wys nog R350 moet R400 per sessie wees vir 30in
    baie dankie

  2. Hi Dr. Hein,

    I love the work you’re doing in the world. I am also a student of the Law of Attraction.

    Because I know you believe preventing problems from starting in the first place, here’s a way you can be a part of something that will benefit you, many kids and their families in a really positive way.

    On January 24th my team & I are launching a massive internet campaign for my kids book on feelings – Sad Sally. (I’m working with Peggy McColl – – trust me, this’ll be amazing!) It involves pre-selected partners, who will get exposure to potentially millions of people online.

    You seem like the kind of person who would be interested in this kind of exposure 😉

    Here’s how you can be involved.

    When you agree to send out one email on January 24th to promote my book launch campaign you will get exposure on the special offer page.

    Participating is easy. What do we need from you?

    Agree to send out the email we’ll provide to you on January 24th and we’ll provide you with the email content (which you can modify if you like).

    Add a bonus gift and exposure will be HUGE!

    Many partners are involved, so with all of the emails going out and the promotion we’re doing, your exposure will be massive.

    This is truly a win-win scenario!

    All that is required right now: Reply to this email and say “Count me in!”

    Once you do, please mark that date down in your calendar: January 24th 2017.

    I will follow up with you to get your bonus gift a bit later on.

    Please get back to me by Tuesday as we are determining the top spots for our partners who respond the fastest. But, you need to get back to me by Tuesday, please.

    Simply hit “reply” and type “Yes, count me in” and we’ll follow up with you.

    This is going to be epic!!! Woo Hoo!!!

    Much love,


    PS. Remember to get back to me by Tuesday AND be sure to mark down January 24th in your calendar. Thanks again!


    “When you see a rainbow way up in the skies, remember your rainbow and set yourself free. Take a deep breath. Feel however you please.”

    A bright, colourful beautifully illustrated cross between Dr. Seuss and Mr. Men. Sad Sally gets advice from a wise frog along her path exploring fun rhymes and big take home messages. Helps parents and kids alike deal with and express their feelings in constructive, healthy ways.

    Click here to fill out our form to join this amazing campaign so you can enjoy the wonderful gifts that Colleen is offering:

  3. Apologies for leaving a message here, please contact Cybersmart to furnish us with your email address, to ensure that your account is correct and safe within our Company,

    Thank you,

  4. Hello Hein,

    As we come to the end of 2019, we wanted to share with you the most
    impactful movement that is about to change people’s lives around the
    world through the power of giving.

    So, if you’re looking for something to inspire you and help you make
    2020 your best year ever, we highly recommend you to join us.

    We have daily presentations online, so please get back to us if you
    are open to learn more.

    We look forward to read from you 😉

    Kind Regards,

    Diana & Yves Meyer

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